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Tendoryu Aikido Berlin e.V.

Aikido beginners course

The TAB e.V. regularly offers beginners courses for Aikido-interested persons, in order to facilitate the entry into the regular training. The beginners course takes place parallel to the usual training and is specially supervised.


Aikido for children

The children first learn to avoid an attack and fall safely. The fall school protects against injuries. The attack movements of the partner are redirected to circular movements. Aikido techniques require a lot of concentration. Therefore, games and gymnastic exercises also belong to the training.


Aikido 50+

Prerequisites are walking ability, regular participation and fun in movement in the group. The Aikido training is supported by the Bezirksamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf and is therefore free of charge for this target group. If necessary, the training can be deepened at other locations in the club.


Tendo Kalligraphie

Aikido (合 気 道) is a Japanese martial art, a way (道) to the harmonization (合) of the body with the spiritual force (気).

Aikido as a self-defense means an attack is carried out in circular and spiral-shaped movements, which bring the opponent out of balance. The attacker's energy is not blocked but taken and returned to him. The ultimate goal is to recognize an attack with the intention of making it ineffective. It is not the strength of the body which is decisive, but spiritual strength.

The continuous training not only develops the body but also the mind. The practice of aikido techniques promotes health and body control and also influences the inner and outer attitude in everyday livers. Aikido supports holistic thinking. The aikido-ka learns e.g. To redirect negative influences and to make positive use of them.

Aikido is also considered a meditation in motion and can be operated by women and men of all ages. Beginning is always possible, beginners are taught the techniques step by step.