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Off Time

In the Dojo first of all Shimizu Sensei and Kenta Sensei have a teacher-pupil relationship besides being father and son, but in ‘Off Time’ we again meet them in a very close parents-child relationship.

On these pages Kenta does not play the role of a teacher, but we present you the opinions of a young man, and you will be informed on these pages on issues about Shimizu Sensei and the Dojo and additionally about foreign seminars and students exchange programs.

The title is ‘Off Time’. Please enjoy the lecture.

Off Time No. 1
Seminars in Europe

Off Time No. 2
Interview with Dr. Takahashi of ‘Shiono’ in Akasaka

Off Time No. 3
Interview with the Hairstylist Ms. Mitsue Sato

Off Time No. 4
Mexico Seminar

Off Time No. 5
Interview with Birgit Lauenstein

Off Time No. 6
Round Trip to Tento

Off Time No. 7
Summer Seminars 2006 in Europe

Off Time No. 8
Interview with Mr. Kotaro Nagai of ‚Screw-Nagai’

Off Time No. 9
Interview with Ms. Hiroku Tai of Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs

Off Time No. 10
Interview with the General Manager Henry de La Trobe

Off Time No. 11
Interview with Mr. Masao Yamazaki