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Class schedule

Women and men regardless of age may practice aikido. Aikido is not a matter of strength but of persistence. You may begin the art of aikido at any time. You will be instructed according to your level. You are invited to come for a trial lesson free of charge, no appointment necessary. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Tuesday08:15-09:00 and 09:15-10:00A/FN
Friday08:15-09:00 and 09:15-10:00A/FN

(A) beginners
(F) advanced
(D) Dan training every first Sunday of the month
(N) Sportstudio Nippon
(B) Randori-Pro Tegel
(S) Südgrundschule Berlin
(K) children
(W) stick/sword


Steglitz - Zehlendorf

Tendoryu Aikido Berlin e.V.
im Sportstudio Nippon
Mittelstr. 34
12167 Berlin


Tegel - Reinickendorf

Tendoryu Aikido Berlin e.V.
bei Randori-Pro Tegel
Ernststraße 2
13509 Berlin


Steglitz - Zehlendorf

Tendoryu Aikido Berlin e.V.
in der Südgrundschule
Claszeile 56-57
14165 Berlin


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