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Dr. Peter Nawrot

At the age of 12 he began practicing judo and jiu jitsu at the Steglitzer Sport Club Südwest and at the Jiu Jitsu School Grunert in Berlin – Friedrichstrasse. Later when going to university he came across aikido ( ki no kenkyu kai ) for the first time. After this short encounter however four years judo on competition level in Linz / Austria follow, before he moves to Munich. There eventually among the many aikido styles (Couhépé, Tissier, Nocquet, Kobayashi (Osaka), Yoshigasaki, Yamaguchi, Shimizu), he opts for the Tendoryu Aikido of Shimizu sensei. Four years later he is sent to Japan by his company.

  • Since 2002 he teaches Aikido at the Sportstudio Nippon in Berlin
  • 2003 he founded the sports club Tendoryu Aikido Berlin e.V. and he is the chairman of the club
  • Since 2005 he is in charge of the training of trainers of Tendoryu Aikido in cooperation with the Landessportbund Berlin
  • Since 2006 he additionally teaches at the Sportstudio Reichenbach in Reinickendorf
  • In 2007 he starts teaching the group ‘Aikido 50+’ in an honorary capacity at the Südgrundschule in Zehlendorf
  • Since 2010 he is the representative of TWA (Tendoryu World Aikido) in the region Berlin, Brandenburg, Niedersachsen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • 2012 he changes from Sportschule Reichenbach to Sportschule Bushido in Tegel in the north of Berlin
  • In 2012 and 2014 he demonstrates Aikido together with his students on television (ARD/Anne Will Show, RBB/5 vor 5)
  • He is visiting regularly the center of Tendoryu Aikido in Tokyo (Tendokan) once or twice a year for training, and he organizes seminars with Japanese teachers in Berlin and in the Black Forest in Southern Germany.

Peter's experiences through the different styles of Aikido can be found here.