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Paolo Serpi

  • 1984 he comes to Germany. He takes up the study of Iaido and kendo, before he turns to aikido.
  • 1990 he begins his aikido training at the SSC Südwest in Berlin. His first teachers are Peter Nawrot and Birgit Lauenstein. Since then he also participates in seminars, which Shimizu sensei regularly holds in Germany.
  • 1999 trip to Singapore, to support the young aikido group (Tendoryu Aikido Singapore) of Peter Nawrot and Birgit Lauenstein.
  • 2001 visits Japan and practices at the Tendokan, the dojo of Shimizu sensei in Tokyo, for several weeks.

For many years now he has been teaching in Berlin: Aikido for children at Hans Kretschmer`s Schule für Bewegung und Meditation