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Aikido in my life

by Ludo Peters

write for a man and about a man who made a profession of teaching a way of life is to write about trying to practice and fullfill one's own way of living.

Aikido for me is more and more a daily practice of »being there« with a clear and open mind. In my profession, teaching young people, 1 deal with a lot of aggression, mostly not of the physical kind, but more the aggression which comes out of frustration. Because the youngsters express themselves poorly I have to work with an open mind, trying to find the real meaning hidden behind the aggression expressed in words and sometimes in physical action. Through my inspiration from Shimizu Sensei I practice Aikido every day, not always in the dojo. The spirit behind it makes it possible for me to do the work I do now and in which I find my task, my way.

With these few words I would like to thank my Sensei, knowing they can't adequately express my real feelings and appreciation.