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Tendoryu Aikido worldwide

by Shimizu Sensei

25 years ago, in 1978, l was first invited to Germany. Looking back I realize that many things have happened during these years. I am especially pleased that 'Tendoryu Aikido has taken root in Germany.

I think this is due to the fact that my view of budo and my technique were very well understood there. Although big differences prevail in the sustoms of Germans and Japanese, and these might lead to difficulties in understanding, 1 am especially pleased that Tendoryu Aikido has become firmly rooted in Germany. The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, pointed out that only through a concentrated practice can a serious budo be learned, seeing the training of one's self as the basis of this kind of budo. The ideal is to develop a strength which is not only of advantage to oneself, but also to other people.

Nor so long ago I was invited to the »celebration of autumn« in the emperor's garden. It is an honour that is given only seldom and only to a small number of people in Japan. The emperor himself and his family repeatedly questioned me about Aikido, and the knowledge of and interest in Aikido were great.

The empress told me to go abroad often and, in good health, continue leaching. Tendoryu Aikido is presently expanding worldwide. Not only in Europe, but also in Mexico, America, Singapore, Russia, and in the Middle East, in Jordan, too, new groups are being formed.

The origin of this development is Germany and I wish with all my heart for a continuing positive development there.