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The teacher and the way

by Olaf Müller

1978 Shimizu Sensei has been a regular teacher in Germany and other countries. To teach for a continuous period of 25 years is, itself, an exeptional performance.

During this time it is certain that many questions have arisen. Where does this fascination for Shimizu Sensei come from? And more universally, what makes a Sensei? Many Aikidoka will ask themselves such questions in the course of their education. These considerations are a part of the teacher pupil relationship, the basis of which is the interhuman aspect which includes liking, warmth and welfare. When I hurt my shoulder at a demonstration in Novisat (Yugoslavia) because I was inattentive at Ukemi, at first I exercised with little further pain. Then, however, Shimizu Sensei came to me though and told me to stop training. I went to a hospital the next day. There must be a common trust. Without each others' trust we wouldn't be able to practice so rigorously for such a long time. Problems naturally arise when practising. Shimizu Sensei knows the answers and solutions and supports the pupils in discussions with himself.

Shimizu Sensei knows the way. He teaches fine movement exercises, intellectual refreshment and the historical roots of his instruction. In this he is complete natural and direct as well as untiringly fresh and enthusiastic.

The writer and philosopher Prof. Earl of Dürckheim describes a master as someone who questions the way, the effort and the exercise. This is certainly true of Shimizu Sensei. Whoever is recommended to him should have no doubts.