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Asakusa is located in the northern part of Tokyo next to the Ginza station of Ginza line and it’s buildings and atmosphere still remind of the old Tokyo.  Next to the Sensoji, which is a very popular Buddhist temple, is a shopping center with various souvenir shops (Kimonos, fans, eating sticks of all kinds, swords etc.) and local food restaurants for the temple visitors.
In this area you still can observe Rickshaws.
For several hundreds of years until World War II Asakusa was the most famous nightlife district outside the city borders with Kabuki theaters and a huge red light area.

When we visited Asakusa this time the Jidai Matsuri (century festival) with a costumes from several Japanese epochs was ongoing. However, we collapsed after two hours waiting time in a standing position and limped along to the next subway station …

That’s why along the street carpets for sitting (and eating, and of course without shoes!) for the older visitors were provided – what a service!