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Internet Cafe

‘Our’ Internet café was located next to ‚our’ sushi restaurant (report ‚sushi shop’) in the most famous shopping mall in the center of Shibuya, where we maintained the contact to the outside world.
At three levels in about fifty single or double rooms – sitting on seating cushions, on easy chairs or on couches - customers surf undisturbed (one hour for about 2 Euro). Next to the printing station at the third level there are several vending machines, which deliver free of charge and in every quantity a large variety of hot and cold drinks – from chicken soup via juices and soft drinks to all kinds of teas and coffees. Snacks are available for payment.

After strenuous walks around the city the café really was an oasis … unfortunately the stairways up and down are quite narrow, and because of this natural selection we did not come across any Sumotori (Japanese wrestler, average weight about 150 kg, average size about 190 cm) or other fat customers.

Every day we had the painful choice – first stuffing ourselves with sushi and then to the Internet café or vice versa? – what a stress!