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Izu Seminar (Kannon Onsen)

After the successful establishment of Tendoryu World Aikido in autumn 2009 an international Tendoryu Aikido seminar in Japan on the peninsula Izu at the Hotel Kannon Onsen resort will take place- and we tested the facilities!

From Tokyo you can go by train or by car to the city Shimoda (our report 2007: in 1857 Commodore Perry landed at Shimoda with his Black Fleet and forced the opening of Japan) on the peninsula Izu about 150 km southwest of Tokyo. Going by car will take about 3 to 4 hours because of dense traffic, many toll gates (all highways are liable to heavy pay) and the small roads on peninsula Izu. The complex of Hotel Kannon Onsen – venue of the international seminar of twa in 2009 – is located in the mountains in about 500 m heights.  Customers spent the nights in multi luxury bedrooms either in the main complex or in the somewhat downhill adjoining complex (there is a bus transfer to the Dojo, alternatively about 5 minutes walk).

The bright Dojo is huge, and all participants at this year’s seminar had enough space. Next year double number of participants from inland and abroad are expected. Hot springs provide relaxation and wellness, and in the morning and in the evening you will revel in Japanese delicacies.
What can be more joyful than practicing Aikido in Japan? Right, practicing Aikido in Japan on peninsula Izu at Kannon Onsen Resort with Shimizu Sensei and the Tendokan students – and we tested the facilities!