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Japanese Ladies

Contrary to our first impression occasionally we actually met some Japanese ladies, who were not busily using their mobile phone holding it about 10 cm away from their faces. We were not able to figure out, what the ladies actually were doing, but we could clearly understand the importance of their communication via the mobile phone from their behavior. It surly is an interesting question, how many ladies bump against some wall, plunge down an abyss, overlook a car, or become an easy prey for wild animals while using their mobile phone …

And now the photo documents: Setsuku san, Peter san and Peter kun in Chigasaki.

We were not able to get to know why the handbag-fur-bearing animal or the fur-bearing animal handbag was called ‘Peter’. Surely it wasn’t the likeness with other people around ...

Tokyo’s fashion centers (Shibuya, Aoyama, Shinjuku and others) are crowded with attractive, fashionable girls and women. A paradise for men! For many years we have not seen so many elegant (and short) skirts and pants, whose owners on top of that greeted lonely foreigners with a nice (unfortunately often without obligation) smile. But as we are no specialists on this topic we are not able to provide further information.

We feel sorry for that.