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First Tendoryu Aikido Seminar in Singapore

Kawaraban No. 38


by Birgit and Peter, in charge of Tendoryu Aikido Singapore

Tendoryu Aikido Singapore has been founded last year on April 1st and is now celebrating her 1st anniversary. Shimizu Sensei’s visit to Singapore was an excellent timing and a wonderful birthday present for our Dojo. The Singaporeans are extremely interested in Aikido, and they persevere even during hotness, when it becomes unpleasant.

The population of Singapore consists mainly of Chinese (about 70%), and of Indians, Malays, and Caucasians. The Dojo is located near to the famous shopping mall of Singapore, the Orchard Road. Normal classes take place three times a week (Mon, Thu, Sat) in the evening at 07.30pm. At about 07pm the sun sets down, and the air is cooling down bit, at maximum down to 23 degrees C.

Singapore is a small insular state, but there are a variety of interesting things. Food might be considered the best. There are boundless places, where you can eat cheaply as well as expensively, but it is always delicious. When asking Singaporeans for their hobbies, surely they will name ‘food’ and ‘shopping’.

When Shimizu Sensei was visiting Singapore we intended to show him all, but time was too short. Albeit we visited China Town and Little India, we toured to the floridity of Orchid Garden and enjoyed a shipping tour along the Singapore River. Of course, besides the Chinese food we tasted Indian and Malayan food as well.

With regard to the seminar, all students of the Dojo were quite excited meeting Shimizu Sensei for the first time. Although many beginners attended the seminar, everybody could stay the course well, because Shimizu Sensei explained plainly. The general impression of Shimizu Sensei was, as all commented coincidently, that technique and character were brilliant, and that he was soft beyond of his power.

We strongly hope, that he will visit Singapore again.

© translated by Peter Nawrot 10/2006