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Switch of Mind

Kawaraban No. 84


Tendokan Trainer Koutarou Nagai

„Nagai, it is wrong to teach to your self-satisfaction!“ “You are teaching everybody by the same pattern!”

These were the words, which I heard often from Shimizu Sensei during my Uchi-Deshi time (sweat!). But there were many other items as well … . Today I think that my training really became one-sided and stereotype. At that time I really ’wanted’ to reflect my behavior. It can be said that I wanted to understand.

It was about ten years ago when I began to understand these words in relation to my feelings (that really took a long time). During that period I married, children were born, also my living environment changed, and I remember that that way my attitude towards Aikido, which I practiced continuously during the many past years, changed somehow. That was indeed a very new personal feeling, and in some way or the other I was able to look at Aikido with a new sense. That means that I gradually had a fresh interest in everything and not only limited to Aikido. It was a feeling as if the footprints of my past practice were continued on a red line.

I think that with my past self I only practiced within a frame, which was actually built by my self. I was captured by my past habits (concerned), and I now slipped out. To change your Ego it is necessary to switch your mind. Perhaps the new self might be totally different to the old self. Usually it is possible to throw off the old self, but only if you have the courage (decision) to change your behavior. By doing this a new fresh sense will be revived (could that be called child’s mind or innocent mind?). A new attitude (spirit) will be borne, with which you will go towards everything seriously and with an obedient heart. By this gradually a positive behavior becomes visible, and the training of your self from the beginning will certainly revive your private life as well as your business life.

„Physical strength is limited, Ki is infinite! Let us develop the power of Ki!” These are the words, which Shimizu Sensei mentioned often. Let us engrave these words in our heart and let’s start first with those things, which we are able to do, and by doing this we will extend our own personality.

© translated by Ichiro Murata and Peter Nawrot 08/2011