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The Way

Kawaraban No. 3


by Kamata Shigeo

In `Happy Medium’, an opus of the classical Chinese poetry, you will find following sentences put down: “We should not deviate even the slightest bit from the way. Having to deviate leads away from the way“. Meaning, that the way primarily does not exist apart from men. To deviate from the true nature of men is not the true way.

The name aikidō as well contains the character for `way’. When we think the words of `Happy Medium’ being applied to the aikidō praxis, then you are supposed not to forget aikidō training even for the slightest moment, and you have to practice continuously without a break.

If we do not practice for some time, we do not only not train our bodies, but first of all our minds will degenerate as well. When we feel bad or become ill, we cannot avoid a break, but as soon as we are able to move again, it is important to visit the dojo. Also when your job keeps you extremly busy, it is important to think about how to make time to go to the dojo.

With regard to aikidō the sentence from `Happy Medium’ “We should not deviate even the slightest bit from the way“ means the attendance to practice.

© translated by Birgit Lauenstein and Peter Nawrot 02/2004