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Watching the DVD

Kawaraban No. 67


... a letter from Mr. Yamamoto

Since the sales of the new DVD production ‘Shimizu Kenji and Aikido’ (sales agency is BAB Japan) started, we received the impressions of many people from home and as well from abroad. One of them is Mr. Keiichi Yamamoto (he is company president, is living in Hiroshima and is 69 years old), who is exemplary for an Aikido student, who supported Shimzu Sensei with complete devotion since the beginning of the Tendokan. It could be said that he is ‘a man among men’ (according to Shimizu Sensei), and this relationship, which is characterized by unshakable trust, has not changed until today.

Here the editorial department would like to introduce the letter of Mr. Yamamoto, who watched the DVD and agreed to this publication.

Dear Shimizu Sensei,

the hot season is going on still, but gradually you can feel somehow the nearness of the autumn by the autumn breeze in the morning. Recently I received the excellent Aikido DVD of Shimizu Sensei and I say thank you with all my heart. I watched the DVD right away. The techniques of Sensei show the true meaning of Budo, and there is absolutely nothing being liable to criticism.

Furthermore, with total admiration I watched Waka Sensei Kenta as an outstanding Uke. Only now I could really recognize at every scene the high standard of Shimizu Sensei after the many years of discipline and training, and I was very satisfied.  The figure and the words of Morihei Sensei called back dear memories, too.

It is said that Kano Jigoro Sensei was a scholar and that Morihei Sensei was an ascetic, and I think that this is true. Budo as well as Bushido is a treasure from ancient Japan, which should be proud of.

Of course the Aikido of Shimizu Sensei is the true Budo of today. Sensei says that a human ultimately should be anxious to get courage. If true courage is missing, absolutely nothing can be achieved. And in this connection the education in the post-war period was pushed intentionally one-sidedly. Peace, equality, harmony, interaction, and so on were requested, the foolish move to egalitarianism was encouraged, and this resulted in the cruel state, which we can see today.

I think that the Aikido of Shimizu Sensei is the same as a pure white lotus blossom in a marsh. Deeply moved I beg that the Aikido of Shimizu Sensei as the pride of Japan continues in future as well to permeate many people in Japan and all over the world.

I suppose Shimizu Sensei as well became 60 years this year.

With all my heart I wish Shimizu Sensei all the best for his healthiness and much success in future as well.

Best regards

August 30th, 2006

Yamamoto Keiichi

© translated by Ichiro Murata / Peter Nawrot 01/2007