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Kawaraban No. 38


by Kenji Shimizu

During the last years the world has been churned up, and there have been major changes.

Actually it should not be necessary to mention, that this also had an effect on Japan, the politics, the economy (money market), the people and on the education. Especially concerning the education I have noticed a tremendous change in our children. The reason is, that egoistic behavior beyond reflex ion of good and bad has developed.

Although I am not able to tell exactly how it has been with children in the past, lately it is highly visible to what extend they have become insensitive towards strangers. And as children watch their parents when growing up, there has to be insensitive behavior on the parents` side (adults) as well. If parents do not care about education, strangers will not take over. We should not admit, that most parents do believe wrongly, that sending their children to cram schools will improve discipline and education. First of all it is necessary to teach children from childhood not to put strangers out, which is to teach them manners.

Though that is not the same as with dogs, but even dogs can be trained quite good manners within two years time (adult dog) depending on the education.

Furthermore I think, that today’s Japanese people have to reflect on the loss of courage, although their intellectual power has become excellent. People without courage are not able to face challenges and have no sense of responsibility, as it is courage that is the origin of human strength. I expect from today’s children to show compassion for strangers … to restrict the strong and to support the weak … I want to teach them such kind of courage. Thus the world will open up for them. Education and courage have to come together to be true.

© translated by Birgit Lauenstein and Peter Nawrot 11/2003