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Education is a ’Treasure’

Kawaraban No. 4


by Kenji Shimizu

The blood, that streams through our human body and has been handed down to this day, originates from various blood types with billions of years of history. We still believe however, that our predecessors are dating back not further than our grandparents, and it is not crossing our minds that our own blood as well is mixed with blood of a billionfold history.

Everyone however carries right from the start a genetic base of extraordinary abilities and capabilities being embedded in the blood. This might be the reason, why newborn children are called ‚treasures’ since time immemorial. In case of a normal human being (someone being pressed into a mould) these valuable features will be destroyed by today’s education, because it is forced on him against his will.

The childrens` innate capabilities will be destroyed. The reason lies in todays school system and with the parents. Although they pretend to act for the sake of their children it is obvious, that that they bring up their children keeping up appearances and considering social situation. The parents of our children should be in the responsibility to keep in view the next 10 to 20 years while raising the children.

Aren`t we in need of an education for people (cosmopolitans), suitable for the international tracks, in our world, which has become smaller today? The tracks of Japan and the tracks of the world are not the same. With an education geared to Japanese tracks Japan might derail in the future.

We tend to raise insensitive children, because children, whose education is focused on the the head will lack bodily balance. There is a net of nerves covering the whole body, and if we attach value only to the head while neglecting the body, impulses of nerves will not reach the far ends, thoughts will spin round in our heads, and the body will adopt forms of egoistic behaviour.

When the sensations (of the nerves) penetrate even the smallest part of our body, we will achieve bodily and spiritual balance, and the relationship from human being to human being as well from human being to nature will become sound. Therefore, we seek for the right education.

Good educational background is for human beings most important, yet it is not simply a matter of the amount of knowledge, but rather truthfullness, good will, and a sense for beauty are higly important.

These vales are supported by sympathy and love, also for the sake of improving the education, i.e. the general education. General education will be learnt by experience, and therefore it is necessary that each individual takes in a variety of things, whereby the personality will be broadened. After taking in the general education successfully, bodily movements will become literally beautiful (as expressed in the corresponding kanji character). Couldn’t we also argue the other way around, that by training the body successfully first, general education will also be internalized

© translated by Birgit Lauenstein and Peter Nawrot 11/2003