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For Japan as a beautiful model country

Kawaraban No. 89


by the head of Tendokan, Kenji Shimizu Sensei

After the first world seminar in 2009 in October this year 170 participants (70 foreigners) gathered for the second world seminar at Kannon Onsen (‘hot spring’) in the magnificent scenery of Shimoda in Shizuoka. Especially from students from abroad afterwards I received incessantly many mails of delight at their participation, and that pleased all, who organized this journey.

People in Japan really believed, that along with the progress of the culture a good natural environment with improved living conditions for all creatures would be realized. But it seems, that the switching off of a Japanese nuclear power plant after the accident on March 11nd has made worse the image of Japan as a beautiful country.

Regarding the further progress of our culture we should build up a civilization, which emphasizes humanity much more, and not a civilization, which only concentrates on the industrialization of a modern nation. I am convinced that a development, which is characterized only by economic thinking, implies the danger of the emergence of a society, which ignores humanity. We have to bear this in mind.

It is valid in every generation at any time that often rather unfairness than right and rather unreasonableness than reason spreads out. Therefore in our society various movements came up, which tried to improve the world. But they are not able to unify their movements well, and besides that surely there are also indifferent groups, which think little of right and reason.

Whatever values people might possess, the majority is concerned and feels to be right. And there is the opinion as well that the mistake is not on their side. It seems to me that this tendency has its roots in human nature.

“One’s own self is satisfied with idle thoughts. This self we have to defeat, and with all our activities we should aim at a complete clean and innocent self.” (from ‘Zen and Aikido’)

From now on we want also for our descendants that Japan becomes a country, in which the atmosphere is perfectly clean, and we should become a shining example for the most beautiful country in the orient.

© translated by Ichiro Murata and Dr. Peter Nawrot, 03/2013