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Tendokan News No. 50

Shimzu sensei’s 2002 seminars abroad

The past spring seminars took place from March 4th to 18th in Germany (Hennef and Deggendorf) and in Yugoslavia (Beograd and Novisat). At each location more than 100 students participated. The course of the seminar was presented in a well-known local newspaper in Deggendorf and in Belgrad by television as well as in the newspaper. The following article ( summary ) was published in a local German newspaper:

„Shimizu sensei is a master of aikidō. From all over Germany 130 aikidōka came together. According to the organizer, Mr. Robert Hundshammer (3rd dan Tendōryu-Aikidō), this year’s seminar is probably the biggest event since the foundation of the aikidō club 27 years ago, and it took 4 years until Shimzu sensei was able to follow the invitation to Deggendorf.

Shimizu sensei, head of Tendōryu-Aikidō (Tendōkan), is a teacher, who has perfectly mastered this art of budō. Shimizu sensei (8th dan) does not apply any superfluous muscular strength, he controls the partner, whatever direction he might attack from, uses effectively the strength of the attacker and applies successfully his dynamic techniques.

It is not only a training of substantial forms, but even more a training of body and mind.

In fact it was more crowded as usual in the dōjō, but the training proceeded smoothly, and even the mayor Ms. Anna Eger came along for an informational visit.

Summer seminar

According to schedule there will be a seminar as every year from June 23rd to July 6th in Germany on the Herzogenhorn (located in the Black Forest). After the end of the seminar it is planed to have a demonstration under the direction of the German-Japanese Society in Stuttgart.

Aiki News article

In the latest edition of Aiki News no 132 (will be published on April 20th) there is an article about an interview with Mr.Takeshi Shima and Mr. Henry de la Trobe. The subject is „Questioning two Tendōryu-Aikidō students“, and both will answer the questions on what was the reason for joining, how do they reconcile training with their jobs and about the philosophy and so on, which they have received by meeting with Shimizu sensei.

Foreign students come for training to the dōjō

From Tendōryu Germany will come to the dōjō Michael Wefers (36 years, government worker, for the 2nd time) and Michael Stockhausen (31 years, computer engineer, for the first time); both will stay from March 25th until April 12th; besides Anja Münchschwander (35 years, pharmacist, for the 3rd time) and Claudia Jänicke (50 years, primary school teacher, for the 3rd time) from April 8th until 27th.

From Tendōryu Mexico will come Alfredo Garcia Corona (33 years, State Secretary of the security department, for the 5th time) and Raul Jiman (bank clerk, for the first time).

From Tendōryu Singapore Jenaline Low (employee of a computer company, for the 2nd time) on March 29th and on April 3rd.

From Hokkaido: Visit to Tendokan, to fulfill the long-looked for wish for practice

Mr. Chikara Matsukawa (40 years, hospital clerk and practicing aikidō for 4 years) from the city of Sapporo, who saw Shimizu sensei’s video read the interview in the Aiki News, participated in the training from April 2nd to 6th.

His dearest wish was to acquire Tendōryu-Aikidō directly, and in a later arriving thank-you letter he noted: „ My trip to Tōkyō was even more marvelous than I could have ever imagined. Now I am longing impatiently for the next training in the Tendōkan.“

Program for the Golden Week

Holidays = April 29th (mon, day of the green), May 01st (wed), May 03rd (fri, constitution day), May 04th (sat, national holiday), May 05th (sun, children’s day), May 06th (mon, exchange day for Sunday)

Training days = April 30th (tue), May 02nd (wed) only morning classes (06.30 a.m.- 07.15 a.m.)

The purpose is to take the getting up early in the morning as a challenge and to make the morning classes a personal experience for as many people as possible.

Among the students 8 new members for the organization committee Heisei 14 (2002) have been nominated. 4 members resigned.