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Tendokan News No. 51

Shimzu sensei’s seminars abroad

As every year, the yearly summer seminar on the Herzogenhorn in Southern Germany (located within the so-called Black Forest) took place from June 23rd to July 6th. This time Shimizu’s son Kenta (19 years, first year Wakō University) participated for the second time after a two years` interval. Unlike his last visit he has been welcomed this time as „ a personal pupil of the Sensei from Japan“. Furthermore, he was called as last „uke“ at the end of each class, and the higher graduated German dan holders acknowledged his position.

Further on there was a demonstration in Stuttgart after the seminar for the benefit of the German-Japanese Society

Invitation to a seminar from the Russian-Japanese Friendship Society

According to the letter of invitation by the president of the Russian/ Wladiwostok-Japanese Friendship Society Valerie Schuriga and on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the local group of the Russian Aikidō Federation, which is a member of the same society, there is the following issue:

`What does aikidō mean for people already studying aikidō? Furthermore true aikidō should be demonstrated to people, who are about to begin with the study of aikidō.`

The local aikidō group has about 600 members, and the Japanese consulate general in Wladiwostok has asked Shimizu sensei for his cooperation. The one-week seminar is expected to take place during the first ten days of November this year.

Summer holidays = Aug. 6th (Tue) - Aug. 18th (Sun)

Suspension of autumn seminar to next near

Due to the schedule for the celebrations on the occasion of the prize awarding by the minister of foreign affairs the autumn seminar (3 days, 2 nights) has been postponed to next year as we already announced on the farewell party for Shimzu sensei’s summer seminar in Germany on June 16th.

Foreign students visiting the dōjō

From Tendōryu Germany Mario Parent from Berlin (36 years, businessman May 12th -June 2nd), from Tendōryu Mexico Arthur Contoraz (41 years, veterinarian June 4th - 12th)

Return of William May and Eva Husova to the Czech Republic

Eva who is married to Mr. May (newspaper correspondent) and who has been practicing continually for 5 years after her marriage, returned to her native country, Czech Republic/Prague.

Mr. May will follow suit 2 to 3 months later for business reasons.