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Tendokan News No. 52

Invitation to the autumn garden party

Shimizu sensei and his wife were invited by their majesties, the emperor and empress, to their autumn garden party, which was held on October 30th. 2002 in the Imperial garden (Akasaka gyōen) in Tōkyō, district Moto Akasaka.

After a silent bow to His Majesty, the emperor, Empress Michiko addressed Shimizu sensei with the words: „Best wishes for the future spreading (of aikidō).“

Furthermore, he talked to His Majesty, the crown prince, and Her Majesty, crown princess Miyako, about aikidō.

This time about 2100 invited guests from various circles were attending, among others Daiga T. (head of board of directors of Sony), Tzusuki H. (president of Itōyō), Kaiya Y. (special ministry consultant), Keibun C. (president of the arts association rakugo (the reciting of comic stories)) and the person in charge for this year’s football world championship, Mr. Fujigen K., who is working as ambassador for the Japanese-Korean Friendship, as well as prime minister Kosen, various cabinet ministers and members of political parties in and out of power.

Shimizu sensei’s stage appearance in the special information program of the television channel ‚Nihon Terebi’ with the title „The 6th sense exists“

For those, who missed the broadcasting of Saturday’s show, October 12th. 2002, 7p.m.-9p.m., we shortly introduce the contents.

How to sense the assault of an attacker who is about to attack? For that the attacker is behind a pitch-black screen...

The television company suggested this fantastic experiment to proof the perception of a well-trained budōka, and Shimizu sensei took this idea as a challenge. All attacks (7 times) shomen uchi, yokomen uchi right and left, tsuki, ryōte dōri were warded off successfully. In the show a specialist of the department for brain surgery of an independent medical university analyzed these recordings. He was impressed and mentioned, that such actions could not be explained by the five senses only.

With regard to the hypothesis that prediction of such results is possible depending on the kind of experiment another experiment with cards from 1 to 10 followed. Among 10 cards upside down it was supposed to pull and hit card `3`. After 5 experiments there were three consecutive hits, where the `3` was pulled.

These were the contents of the television program, and a video for rent is available free of charge at the dōjō.

Shimizu sensei’s first seminar in Russia

According to the agenda the one-week seminar will take place from November 11th – 14th in Russia/Wladiwostok. This event could be realized by personal efforts of the president of the Association for the Friendship between Wladiwostok and Japan, Valerie Schuriga. President Scourge augmented his invitation with the request for a `demonstration of true aikido` for 600 aikidōka already practicing and for those considering to begin in future. Kenta Shimizu accompanied Shimizu sensei as his personal pupil.

Furthermore the Japanese consulate general in Wladiwostok assured extensive cooperation. This is the first seminar in Far East Russia, and the echo is very positive. In our next issue we will inform you about the results.

Besides, on Sunday, 17th November, at 12.45 p.m. the „Welcome back party for Shimizu sensei’s return with information“ will take place at the dōjō. Regarding additional information please refer to the black board in the Dōjō.

In the latest issue of Aiki News (no 134, autumn issue) the photostory about the awards show for Shimizu Sensei by the minister of foreign affairs is introduced with the words, that this price also means a very special honor for the whole world of aikidō.

Foreign students practicing in the dōjō

From September, 7th to October, 2nd Volker Bayer (40 years, software engineer) and Inge Wolf (38 years, university lecturer) from Tendōryu Germany have practiced at Tendōkan. Both are looking back on a career of more than 10 years, and they fulfilled their heart’s desire by coming to Japan for the first time. During their stay for about one month they participated in all morning and evening classes, using the time in between for sightseeing. By that they followed the example of other visitors.

Furthermore, from Tendōryu France and Singapore came the gentlemen in charge

respectively, Pascal Olivier (France) and Tan Chi Wei (Singapore) to the dōjō, accompanied by some of their students.

From France Hervè came to Japan for the first time, and from Singapore came Adelina Lim, Jim Wong, Ronald Tai, Avin Lim, Jayan K.P. and Yayoi Satō. From October, 4th they participated in the training for two weeks.

National Holiday

the dōjō is closed on Thanksgivingday, November, 23rd(Sa)

Dōjō schedule for the turn of the year

Informations regardig the below written due dates are available on the black board at all times. As there might be changes, please be sure to confirm dates and times

Winter holidays

from 27th December, 27th (Fr) to 9th January, 9th (Thu)


During the first 10 days of the month: Publication of Heisei 14 (2002) December gradings

22nd (Su): Award of grading certificates at 12 noon and from 1 p.m. bōnenkai (year end party)

26th (Thu): end of classes

congratulation party for the public acknowledgement of Shimizu sensei by the minister of Foreign affairs

end of preparation for the Kagamibiraki ceremony Heisei 15 (2003)

27th (Fr): winter holidays until January, 9th. 2003

28th (Sa): big cleaning of the dōjō starts at 1.30 p.m. in the afternoon for abaout two hours

Thereafter Shimizu Sensei has announced a special training (about 30 minutes)


10th (Fr): start of classes

13th (Mo) – 19th (Su): kangeiko (winter seminar) every morning from 6.30 a.m. to 7.15 a.m.

For the time of kangeiko there will be no evening and Sunday morning classes (children classes as usual).

This is meant to be a motivation for kangeiko. Please accept the challenge of getting up early in the morning in severe cold for generating amomentum for the whole year.

During Kangeiko Heisei 14 (2002) in total 90 students participated, whereas 36 attended all lessons (perfect attendence).

26th (Sa): Celebration party of public acknowledgement of Shimizu sensei by the minister of foreign affairs, and Kagamibiraki ceremony Heisei 15 (2003) in Tōkyō, Minatō-ku, at hotel Ōkura starting at 12 noon.

The Celebration on the occasion of the prize awarded by the Minister of Foreign Affairs to Shimizu Sensei will take place next year on January, 26th..

In our last issue (No. 51) we already reported, that the minister of Foreign Affairs has awarded the prize for public acknowledgement of the year Heisei 14 (2002) to Shimizu Sensei. At the same time we informed about the intention to hold a celebration party on November, 30th. this year, but it has been decided to combine it with the Kagamibiraki ceremony Heisei 15 (2003) on Sunday January, 26th. The location will be at the hotel Ōkura in Tōkyō, Minatō-ku. From now on a committee of voluntarily helping students will play a central part, and they will figure out a list of all necessary items for the party, as well as make up the celebration program etc.

The students will be informed in written form about the purpose, and will receive a list of all necessary items for the celebration party by mid November. Individual written invitations will be mailed to all guests between December and January.

The Video

The video „Tendo – The last uchideshi, who has been entrusted to the founder of aikidō - Shimizu Kenji “ is selling quite well !! You can order as follows:

Price: 5,500 ¥ + tax

Postage: 1 video 500 ¥, two and more 700 ¥ ( within Japan )

Aiki News sales office

Telephone: 042-748-2423 / Fax: 042-748-2421 (24 hours)

Ordering is possible by telephone or fax. The fastest way certainly is via e-mail.

In case of direct ordering at Tendōkan:

Telephone: 03-3413-1239 / Fax: 03-3413-1649


When shipping the video a blank form for money transfer will be enclosed.