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Tendokan News No. 54

Congratulation Party on the Occasion of the 25th anniversary of Shimizu Sensei’s Seminars in Germany

The congratulation party on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Shimizu sensei’s seminars in Germany and on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the existence of the German Tendōryu Federation (shortened TAD) took place on March 16th in Berlin/Germany. On this occasion the TAD board members and about 200 students from all over the country came together, whereas Shimizu sensei and Kenta were the guests of honor. This year’s spring seminars lasted about three weeks from February 2nd to March 17th.

They started in Genk/Belgium and the German seminars took place in Moers, Hennef and Berlin. Up to 80-150 students attended each seminar, and one intensive training followed the other.

We will publish here an article on the seminars, which appeared in a local newspaper with a picture.

‚A Grandmaster demonstrates brilliantly’ (head line)

„About 100 aikidōka from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark came together for the seminar with Shimizu sensei. What is the meaning of aikidō? ‚ai’ stands for harmony, ‚ki’ for energy, and ‚dō’ for way/method. This Japanese art of budō was invented by the honorable Ueshiba Morihei during the second half of the 20th century. The origins can be found in the ancient techniques of sword fighting. Aikidō is not aggressive, and there is no competition. Accordingly there is no winner, both parties help one another and learn self-control during practice.

Shimizu sensei is a direct student of Ueshiba Morihei, founded the Tendōryu style, and is holding seminars in Germany for about 25 years. You would not believe his 63 years, and his techniques even convince people who are new to aikidō. Not individual parts of the body will be trained in aikidō, instead you will learn techniques for absorbing the opponent’s energy with body and mind. As a basic principle the attacker`s force will not be blocked. An attack will be parried neatly using circular movements, and then the opponent will be thrown or controlled by holding techniques. There is no competition stress, and especially in the last years aikidō has become quite popular among young and old.

(translation from the German into the Japanese: Henry de la Trobe)

Summer seminars abroad

June 22nd – July 6th at the sports center Herzogenhorn/Germany

July 7th – July 17th in Montenegro/Jugoslavia

Students from abroad come to visit the Tendōkan

Fan Wei Roon, Jenaline Low (Tendōryu Singapore, March 22 – 26), Babaraques Selnique, the couple Rousanna (Tendōryu France, April 8 – 13), Emil Tom (39 years, Tendōryu Germany, April 13 – May 5, manager of a sales company), Eckhardt Hemkemeier (44 years, Tendōryu Germany, May 15 – June 1, Hamburg/Northern Germany, violoncellist of the radio symphony orchestra), Anja Münchschwander (38 years, Tendōryu Deutschland, May 22 – 29, pharmacist), Ivo Jovovich (44 years, in charge of Tendōryu Jugoslavia, , May 17 – 30, for the first time in Japan, production and sales of sporting goods).

Alfredo Garcia Corona, in charge of Tendōryu Mexiko, (clerk at the national secret service) and two more students postponed their visit to Japan, because the Mexican government banned travels to Asia to avoid SARS infections (a new form of acute pneumonia).

Yamanaka sensei, presently external student, (previously professor at the Medical University Japan, now working at the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army in Beijing, department for kidney diseases) sent us the following note:

„It is probably due to the Tendōryu training, that neither rain nor storm nor snow and not even SARS in spring have gotten me down, I am still holding the fort in Beijing. Also at my hospital we have several sick persons, but please be assured, I am obstinate and nothing will get me down.“

Yamanaka Yoshiaki, Beijing, April 23rd, 2003

© translated by Birgit Lauenstein and Peter Nawrot 07/2003