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Tendokan News No. 56

Revival of the Tendōkan Autumn Seminar after 6 Years

The three days seminar took place from October 11th ~13th . Accommodation was at the ‘Hotel Kannon Onsen’ in Shimoda / Izu. This was the first seminar since 1997, and the number of participants reached 50 including those, who newly joint over the intervening years, and the foreign students. The special training by Shimizu sensei, which was conducted differently to the normal practice in the dōjō, included training forms, where each student executed techniques, while all others were watching attentively. What is more, we enjoyed the autumn through the hot springs and the natural mountain area, which the hotel praised itself in its PR as being unique to the whole orient. As a social event the ‘Onsen Table Tennis Competition’ for the Shimizu kanchō cup was held, and you could hear shouts of encouragement during the exciting games. Many thanks to all members of the students` organization team, who cared about everything from planning to realization.

Agenda for the end of the year and for the begin of next year

Please pay attention to the information regarding each of the following events, that will be put on the notice board in the dōjō in due time.

Winter Holidays from December 2003, 28th (Su) ~ January 2004, 8th (Thu)


In the first third of the month: notification of dan and kyu grading of December 2003

21. (Su): award of the certificates (noon), bonenkai 2003 (starting 00:45pm)

dead line for payment of Kagamibiraki ceremony fee

23. (Tu): Tendōkan is closed due to the national holiday (Tennō’s birthday)

26. (Fr): end of training

27. (Sa): Year end cleaning of the dōjō, starting at 01:30-pm for about two hours.

After finishing a special training by Shimizu sensei is planned.


09. (Fr): begin of training

12. (Mo, national holiday) ~ 18. (Su): “General Winter Seminar”, (every morning 06:30am ~ 07:15am)

During the winter seminar there will be no evening or Sunday morning classes (children classes as usual). It is our objective, to encourage you to participate in the morning classes. Meet the challenge of getting up early in the morning in severe cold, giving you an impulse for the whole coming year.

At the winter seminar 2003, 31 students attended all hours

25. (Su): Tendōkan Kagamibiraki ceremony 2004 (starting 2pm, Ginza Asta, festival room of Sangenjaya branch)

Foreign Students Visiting the Tendōkan

From Tendōryu Germany came Anja Münchschwander (38 years, druggist, 2. dan, October 14th~25th), Klaus Twehues (38 years, system engineer, 1. kyu, October 16th ~ November 3rd), Björn Carsten (33 years, specialist for anesthesia, 1. dan, November 2nd~22nd), Marco Gutmann (24 years, hospital nurse,1. kyu, November 17th ~ December 25th).

From Tendōryu Mexico came Rodrigo Gihun (25 years, chemical engineer, 1. dan, October 4th~16th).

© translated by Birgit Lauenstein and Peter Nawrot 01/2004