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Tendokan News No. 57

Shimizu Sensei’s Seminars Abroad 2004

March 1st ~ March 17th: (Germany: Lüneburg, Rüsselsheim, etc.)

June 20th ~ July 3rd: (Germany: Herzogenhorn)

Additionally the planning for a seminar in Slovenia in October is going on, which will be on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Tendoryu Slovenia.

Furthermore, we received invitations from Hungary and Russia/Wladiwostok, and presently we are coordinating the seminars, which are to take place sometime between summer and autumn.

Inquiry from Uganda for Training at the Tendokan

At the end of last year a request to take lessons at the Tendokan for the purpose to become an aikido teacher was brought forward from Uganda in Africa.

This concerns Mr. Isaac Mutumba (28 years, married, 3 children), who is running a paints factory over there and who is a dan degree holder in taekwondo, too. He sent e-mail to teachers in Germany, when he visited the Internet homepage (the German edition). That is how he encountered Tendoryu aikido.

Mr. Mutumba wishes to practice in Japan for 3 years, as he informed us. But regarding the chances for admission we will discuss this matter in detail from now on. However, first of all we have yet to clarify his expectations and many other issues.

Visitors from Russia/Wladiwostok and Singapore will Practice in the Dojo

The head of the coastal region of the Russian Aikido Federation, Mr. Rusanne Mikaduya, and 4 other persons will visit the dojo this spring for the first time. They are members of the local management and organized Shimizu sensei’s seminar, when he visited Russia for the first time 2 years ago. They have always wished to practice in Japan someday.

Moreover in April the local person in charge of Tendoryu Singapore, Mr. Tan Wei (44 years), and some of his students will visit the dojo for practice.

Students Visiting the Tendokan

From November 29th until December 14th 2003 came Florian Baker, 2. dan (28 years, sailor) from Tendoryu Germany. After 4 years he visited Japan for the second time. He was mentioned in Shimizu sensei’s leading article ‘My Aikido Grandchildren’ in the previous issue `Kawaraban No. 56`

Actress Kawara Ayako Visits the Dojo

On December 8th last year the actress Kawara Ayako, who works in the broad field from magazines and TV commercials to TV dramas and movies, visited the dojo for the preparation of shootings for a TV drama. Shimizu Sensei was asked to give instructions for one scene, where Ms. Kawara plays a policewoman, who competes with another policeman in judo. Ms. Kawara, who had a career as a top model for the Paris Collection, is challenged to throws and breakfalls, where she utilizes her 176cm tall slim appearance. Kenta acted as her partner, and during the roughly 2 hours of practice and the throwing exercise against an attacking criminal they worked up a sweat.

The actual shootings took place 2 weeks later in Yokohama in the setting of a police dojo. Under Shimizu sensei’s supervision the shooting of the judo scene with Kenta (approximately 1 minute) went smoothly. This episode of TBS`s Monday Mystery Movie Series is titled ‘Himawari-san’ (starring: Ogata Ken). Broadcasting is scheduled for February. Shimizu sensei, who gave the instructions naturally and enthusiastically, spoke about his impressions as follows: “I was very impressed by the polite and candid attitude of Ms. Kawara, while she made an effort in the training”.

Winter Seminar Heisei 16 (2004) – Short Report

From January 12th ~ January 18th, every morning from 06:30am to 07:15am; with a total of 73 attendants, 30 students attended all classes.

© translated by Birgit Lauenstein and Peter Nawrot 02/2004