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Tendokan News No. 58

Shimizu Sensei’s Seminars Abroad

March 1st - March 16th

The spring seminars in Germany (Lüneburg, Oberhaching, Rüsselsheim) have been finished successfully. Sensei traveled together with his son Kenta, and they completed a two weeks long hard schedule. At every location more than 100 participants gathered, and a local newspaper, which he gave an interview, as follows, introduced him: “A brilliant master, who fascinated the whole city”.

June 20th - July 11th

Summer seminars in Europe (Germany: Herzogenhorn, Serbia/Montenegro: Beograd)

October 19th - October 24th (planned)

Seminar on the occasion of the 25th anniversary in Slovenia

Participation of Shimizu Sensei in the 7th Friendship Demonstration

(Organization: Aiki News)

The demonstrations at the Friendship Meeting on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the first issue of Aiki News will take place on November 28th (Sunday) from11:30am at the Japan Sports Hall (‚Hitotsubashi Hall’) in Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Jimbocho (admission will be charged).

Shimizu Sensei will attend for the second time since the 2nd Friendship Demonstration in 1986. The participating teachers are as follows (in the order of the Japanese alphabet):

Inoue Kyoichi Shihan - (head of Yoshinkan Aikido)

Ujiiro Kenji Shihan - (Okinawa Koden Karate Shintoryu)

Kuroda Tessan Shihan - (Shinbukan)

Kobayashi Yasuo Shihan - (Dojo chairman of Aikikai Kobayashi Dojo)

Kondo Masanori Shihan - (Daitoryu Aiki Jujitsu Shinbukan)

Sasaki Masato Shihan - (head of Aikikai Honbu Dojo)

Mori Shinobu Shihan - (Daitoryu Aiki Jujitsu Takumakai)

About the details we will inform in the next issue and thereafter.

We plan an ‚Autumn Seminar’ this year as well

Because the Tendokan autumn seminar in October last year was so well received (in Izu, Shimoda, Kannon Onsen Hotel), we are planning to have a seminar this year, too. Important information will be following soon. Please look forward to it.

Students from abroad visiting the Tendokan

From Russia/Wladiwostok (April 6th – May 5th):

Lusanna Mihardika - (44 years, International Aikido Federation Europe-Asia, Section president of the Russian maritime provinces)

Felix Shararei - (34 years, vice president of the same organization)

Ivan Nobikov - (34 years, vice president of the St. Petersburg section)

They are members of the organization committee, which invited Shimizu sensei to Wladiwostok two years ago, and since then they have had the keen wish to practice at the Tendokan.

From Singapore (April 12th/13th):

Fong Wai Luan - (41 years, head of an independent dojo in Singapore)

From Tendoryu Mexico (May 12th – May 27th):

Alfredo Garcia Corona - (36 years, local person in charge, who came to Japan for the 5th time; key position as a government clerk of the secret service in Mexico)

He officially extended an invitation to Shimizu sensei to the first seminar in Mexico.

© translated by Birgit Lauenstein and Peter Nawrot 06/2004