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Tendokan news No. 60 & 61

ShimizuSensei’s seminars abroad 2005 (scheduled)

March 10th  - March 29th Belgium , Germany ( Berlin, Hamburg )

June 15th  - July 1st Germany (Herzogenhorn)

Autumn 2005 Mexico

Successful end of ‚Friendship Meeting’ on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Aiki News

On November 28th 2004 the meeting took place at the “Nihon-Kyoikukaikan-Hall“ in Tokyo/Chiyoda-ku. At that day the assembly hall with a capacity of 800 persons was crowded with people up to standing rooms, and there were demonstrations of 8 representatives of different schools (about 20 minutes each).

Shimizu Sensei was the first to perform. With his two ukes Kotaro Nagai and Kenta Shimizu from the trainer team he gave a dynamic presentation on the 35 tatami big stage making full use of the space.

Aiki News is planning to launch a DVD record of the Friendship Meeting in February.

Invitation to Shimizu Sensei to a aikido demonstration at Aikikai Arakawa

On October 17th 2005 Aikikai Arakawa and the Aikido Federation of Arakawa-ku hosted an aikido demonstration meeting at the Tokyo-Arakawa multipurpose sports center. Shimizu sensei demonstrated his techniques with Kenta as uke.

The representative head Masahiro Sato, who is also the president of this federation, shed sweat together with Shimizu Sensei during his time as uchi-deshi, and because of this relationship Sato sensei personally invited Shimizu sensei to this demonstration.

Holding of the Autumn Seminar

The ‘Autumn Seminar’, which had been revived the year before last year, took place this time from November 20th (Sa) to 22nd (Mo) at the hotel Kannon Onsen in Izu/Shimoda, and more than 50 students participated.

Besides the special training of Shimizu sensei we could enjoy among other things the autumnal hot springs and had plenty of fun with games and karaoke, which had been arranged by the students organization committee. We were able to experience lots of things, which normally can’t have at the dojo.

Students from abroad who came to practice at the dojo

From Tendoryu Germany :

Klaus Twehues (39 years, internet engineer) from October 16th – 24th, Claudia Jänicke (52 years, kindergarten teacher) from October 17th – November 7th, Dieter Benders (48 years, designer for BMW) from November 26th – December 3rd.

From Tendoryu Mexico :

Lorena Hotos (32 years, event manager) from October 30th – November 15th.

From Tendoryu Serbia/Montenegro (former Yugoslavia ):

Velickovic Milan (25 years, agriculture student from Novi Sad ) from November 16th – December 6th.

Kangeiko (Winter Seminar)

From January 10th (Mo, national holiday) to January 16th (Su) the ‘General Winter Seminar’ took place (daily from 6:30 to 7:15 ).

According to the motto ‘budo is to be found in morning practice’ the intention is to promote morning practice. Already on the day before you will have to prepare yourself and act moderately, you will accept the challenge to get up early in the morning in severe cold and to participate 7 days in a row, i.e. the complete seminar.

This year altogether 71 students participated, and 29 students attended all days.

© translated by Birgit Lauenstein and Peter Nawrot 02/2005