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Tendokan news No. 62

Shimizu Sensei’s Seminars Abroad 2005

March 11th - March 15th Belgium (Genk)

March 17th - March 28th Germany (Berlin, Hamburg)

At the above mentioned seminars abroad, at the begin of this year, each time more than 100 students not only from Germany and Belgium but also from various neighboring countries like the Netherlands, France and Serbia-Montenegro got together and added international character to the seminars.

Furthermore, two TV stations made recordings in Berlin , whereas the Berlin-Brandenburg station (RBB) reported about the seminar in an information program, which was aired at 07:00pm . It included an interview of Shimizu sensei and was broadcasted live all over the country.

The actual time schedule is as follows:

June 17th - July 1st: Germany (Hennef, Herzogenhorn)

July 4th - July 6th: Serbia-Montenegro (Novi Sad)

October 5th - October 16th: Mexico (Mexico-City)

On June 18th a demonstration by Shimizu sensei is scheduled in Leverkusen in the course of the ‘Landesgartenschau’ (German horticultural show) under the theme ‘Plants and Nature’. The demonstration will be at a location with an open-air stage, which seats 5000 spectators, and the co action (fusion) of aikido with the horticultural exhibition will be a highlight. After the demonstration there will be a guided sightseeing tour with the mayor. About the course of the event we will inform you in the next issue.

Invitation to `Sakura o miru kai` (Meeting under the Cherry Trees) organized by Prime Minister Koizumi

Shimizu sensei was invited to the `Sakura o miru kai’ (meeting under the cherry trees) (on April 9th 2005 at the Shinjuku Gyoen - park in Tokyo ), which was under the patronage of Prime Minister Koizumi. He received the invitation due to his contribution to the international exchange by aikido, and was accompanied by Kenta. On this day the Imperial Family and ambassadors of various nations gathered next to guests from the government, from the financial world, from the arts and from various cultural fields. Under the host Koizumi about 8700 guests chatted cheerfully beneath the fully blooming cherry trees.

Makeover of Tendokan Homepage


The Tendokan homepage was recently renewed completely. With the extensive aid of the students Mr.Moriyama and Mr. Hara the homepage was implemented, and the contents will be updated regularly from now on.

Furthermore a complete new menu item ‘Time off’ has been added. There, under this item, Kenta will publish in future internal topics from the dojo, interviews with students, and information from abroad in words and pictures, whereupon you already may look forward. At the same time we would like to ask you for your opinion.

Students from abroad who came to practice at the dojo

From Tendoryu Belgium :

Paul Kuhn from April 12th – April 17th 2005

From Tendoryu Serbia-Montenegro:

Ivo Jovovich (local Tendoryu representative, manager of a factory for the production of sporting goods) from May 10th – June 7th 2005

From Tendoryu Singapore :

Tan Chee Wei (local representative) and Adelina Lim from May 20th – May 24th 2005

© translated by Birgit Lauenstein and Peter Nawrot 08/2005