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Tendokan News No. 64

The first seminar in Mexico was successfully finished

According to the agenda of October 5th to 16th, 2005 , the first Tendoryu seminar in Mexico was opened. By this a deep wish of the person in charge of this country, Alfredo Garcia-Corona, and of many local students became true, and the reception seemed to exceed all expectations. The seminar during the weekdays was reserved for Tendoryu members only, and at the weekend a large number of general visitors were admitted as well. For the entry to the facilities of the Japanese school, which served as trainings location, ID cards were necessary. And because Kenta Shimizu, who travelled together with Shimizu Sensei, describes his impressions about the seminar in his travel report on the Dojo homepage under ‘Off Time’, please inform yourself accordingly.

53 students participated at the autumn seminar

On November 4th, 5th and 6th, 2005, we met at the hotel Kannon Onsen at Izu/Shimoda for three days with two overnight stays. By the actual issue (of the Kawaraban) you will get various impressions about the special atmosphere, which only could be experienced and savoured during such a seminar (articles by Mr. Muroga and by Mr. Sato). The highlights of the activities were first of all the special training by Shimizu Sensei, furthermore a party with the screen projection of a video from the seminar in Mexico , group contests and sightseeing at Shimoda. According to a general request at the last day an additional morning lesson was organized.

We think that we will address students and new entrants, who did not yet participate in a seminar, in future as well, why it is valuable to deepen friendships and to practice not only in the Dojo but as well outside the Dojo.

Agenda for the year end and for the beginning of the year


18th (su): Distribution of licenses ( noon ), Bonenkai (=year-end party) ( 1:00pm )

23rd (fr): Closed (national holiday)

25th (su): Spring-cleaning (starting 1:30pm ), training

The morning class is cancelled; the training for the participants of the spring-cleaning will be the last training of this year.

Winter Holidays from December 27th to Januar 8th, 2006

(on December 26th (mo) the Dojo is closed)


9th (mo): national holiday

10th (tu): begin of training

15th (su) – 21st (sa): winter seminar

Every morning from 6:30am to 7:15am (evening classes will be cancelled).

29th (su): Heisei 18 (2006) Kagamibiraki Ceremony

Foreign students practicing at the Dojo

From Tendoryu Germany :

Volker Baier and Inge Wolf, September 24th – October 9th

Simon Sketter and Sasuka Kenta, October 18th – 23rd

Volker Marczona, November 2nd – 18th

From Tendoryu Serbia-Montenegro:

Milan Miletic

© translated by Peter Nawrot 03/2006