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Tendokan News No. 66

Shimzu Sensei’s Foreign Seminars

June 16th –July 1st : Lueneburg, Herzogenhorn

July 1st – July 4th : Slovenia

July 7th – July 9th: Serbia (- Montenegro )

October: GUS, Mexico and others, planning status

More Classes from Autumn

Starting in autumn the number of classes will be increased. To provide even more convenient classes for Aikido training we are actually asking for your input regarding a new class on weekdays in the morning. Please inform us about your wishes. Thank you for your support.

The new DVD of Shimizu Sensei will be published in June !!!

The magazine ‘Hiden’ (‘Secret’) of BAB Japan issues the new DVD/VHS of Shimizu Sensei. It is the second production since the video ‘Tendo’, and – on contrary to the previous time - the recordings show Aikido techniques and movements, which are explained in detail by Shimizu sensei personally with many model demonstrations. Sales is scheduled to begin end of June!

Title: „Shimizu Kenji and Aikido“

Spirit and Techniques of the Founder Ueshiba – Strength is limited, Ki is unlimited –

Sales Agent: BAB Japan

Expected price: 5,500 ¥, length about 45 Minutes

Dojo Schedule until End of 2006

Summer holidays: August 8th (Tue) – August 15th (Tue)

Dojo opening hours: August 12th (Sa) 05:00pm – 07:00pm

August 13th (Su) 10:00am – 12:00am

Autumn seminar: November 3rd – 5th (Fr, Sa, Su) (no normal classes)

Bonenkai: December 17th (Su)

Holiday classes: December 23rd (Sa) 10:15am – 11:00am , 11:15am – 12:00am

Year-end cleaning: December 24th (Su) morning (no normal classes)

Winter holidays: December 26th (Tue) – January 9th (Tue)

Additionally there will be other dates, which will be informed to you after detail planning by Shimzu Sensei and the Shinbokukai (informal committee).

Dojo Guests from Abroad

Russian Federation

Head of Aikido Group of the Russian maritime provinces of Russian all style Aikido Federation, Rusana Michaldika, and her representative Felix Scharlai (April 6th – May 4th).

It is their second visit to Japan within the last two years, and they participated in an exchange program with the Tendokan, since Shimizu Sensei was engaged in Wladiwostok in 2002.


Marco Gutmann and Sandra Pfisterer (April 14th – 28th), both are members of Tendoryu Germany , Marco visited Japan within three years for the second time, and Sandra came for the first time.

© translated by Peter Nawrot 07/2006