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Tendokan News No. 67

According to the magazine ‚Hiden (Secrets)’ the new DVD/VHS of Shimizu Sensei is now on the market with very great success!!

According to the leading Budo magazine ‚Hiden (Secrets)’ is the new DVD/VHS now on the market and gains popularity. It is the second work since the Video ‘Tendo’ five years ago. Besides a short part about Shimizu Sensei’s relationship to the honorable Morihi Ueshiba this time it provides as well explanations to the techniques and an interview. In Germany and other countries the popularity is good, and presently an English version is promoted.

Title: ‚Shimizu Kenji and Aikido’Spirit and Techniques of the Founder Ueshiba

– Physical strength is finite, Ki is infinite –

The DVD can be obtained from the sales agency BAB Ltd. Japan, list price is ¥5.500 (without tax), and length is 52 minutes.

First Organization of a Demonstration by Students

To let the Students enjoy Aikido even more last May 28th a ‘Student Demonstration’ took place, and the about 50 participants in charge demonstrated the results of an intensive and continuous training. This was the first demonstration, which was planed and managed on a voluntary basis by the students, and the youth participated, too. At this very day the demonstration was celebrated with many new ideas being realized actively, and the image was transferred live to the larger Dojo at the first floor. The location of the demonstration was crowded with more than 100 visitors.

Dojo schedule until end of December 2006

Autumn seminar = November 3rd-5th (fri-sun)

Bonenkai (year-end party) = December 17th (sun)

Holiday classes = December 23rd (sat),10:15am - 11:00am / 11:15am - 12:00am

Year-end cleaning = December 24th (sun) morning, no regular classes

Winter holidays = December 26th (tue) – January 9th (tue)

* The details of the above listed items will be informed by e-mail in time, too.

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Visitors from abroad

From Tendoryu Germany ... the couple Marion and Klaus K. (August 22nd –26th), they are practicing in Bad Seckingen and traveled to Japan for the first time on the occasion of their honeymoon trip.From Tendoryu Mexico ... Arturo Contras (August 30th – September 11th) traveled to Japan for the third time within four years; Ursula Z. (September 1st – 6th) lives as German resident in Mexico und traveled to Japan for the first time.

© translated by Peter Nawrot 12/2006