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Tendokan News No. 68

Publishing of the English Version of ‚Shimizu Kenji and Aikido’

According the Ote Budo Magazine ‘Hiden’ (Secrets) the DVD/VHS of Shimizu Sensei is now on sale, gains popularity, and the English version will be available from December 6th. The English version is a response to the demands from abroad and aims at spreading “the authentic and high-quality Aikido work, which was produced under personal performance and supervision of Shimizu Sensei” (wording by the sales department of BAB), extensively among the Aikidoka of the whole world. The main topics of the DVD are spot about the relationship of Shimizu Sensei to O-Sensei, explanations of the techniques, which he received from O-Sensei, an interview and others.

The title is ‘”Shimizu Sensei and Aikido” – Spirit and Techniques of the Founder O-Sensei, Physical Strength is Limited – Ki is Unlimited’Sales agency is BAB Japan Corporation, the list price is 5,500 ¥, the length is 52 minutes.

Main Items of the Dojo Schedule until January 2007

Kangeiko (Winter Seminar) = Jan 14th-20th (su-sa), each morning 6:30-07:15Kagamibiraki Celebration = January 28th (su)Further details we will inform in time by mail.

Please Support the Generating of a Mailing List

We now developed a system for the distribution of information about the Dojo via personal computer or SMS to everyone. The distribution started in October, and please sends us an empty e-mail with your name, if you are not yet registered.

Dojo Visitors from Abroad

From Tendoryu Germany:

Martin Klaus (22.10.-6.11.), Markus Tietze (22.10.-11.11.), Joseph K. (11.-25.11.)

From Tendoryu Mexico:

Arthur Acosta (30.8.-11.9.), C.U. (1.-5.9.), Rodorigue  Gracia (14.-28.10.), Rodoriku B. (15.-27.11.)

© translated by Ichiro Murata and Peter Nawrot 01/2007