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Tendokan News No. 69

Shimizu Sensei’s Foreign Seminars in Spring 2007

March 8th-28th = in five German cities (Moers, Berlin, Lunenburg, Hamburg, Munich)

At three locations memorial ceremonies are planned, in Moers the mayor plans a visit.

Dojo Visitors from Abroad

from Tendoryu Holland

Erwin van W. (November 6th – December 16th, 2006)

from Tendoryu Germany

Olaf M. (scheduled for February)

Marian T., Marcel G. (March 31st – April 14th)

Angelika B., Stefan B. (April 18th – 26th)

from Tendoryu Slovenia

Bogo S., Istok S. (May 14th – June 11th)

We are presently preparing the schedule for this year’s Dojo activities, and we will inform you in time.

Dojo Information will be distributed within Short Terms!

We now have established system for sending information about Dojo activities to everybody via e-mail or mobile whenever necessary. All members, who are not yet registered, should send as soon as possible an empty e-mail with their name to

The Challenge of the Winter Seminar (Kangeiko)

As it is already tradition at the beginning of the year the winter seminar took place from January 14th to 20th (every morning from 6:30am to 7:15am); this time we reached the maximum of 94 participants, and 47 of them, 10 more than last year, attended every lesson. The winter seminar was permeated by the motive “the objective is the training of Ki strength”, and the number of female participants increased as well. Every day all participants – from youth to the more than 70 years old - took the challenge, and some of them even went more than two hours. And the atmosphere raised even more as we distributed information about the practice every day quickly via e-mail.

© translated by Ichiro Murata and Peter Nawrot 02/2007