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Tendokan News No. 71 & 72

Tendoryu Approval for Russian Aikido Federation, Maritime Provinces Branch (Vladivostok)

Shimizu Sensei (accompanied by Waka Sensei), who was invited to hold a seminar from September 27th to October 4th in Vladivostok/Russia, gave his approval to the participation of Tendoryu, when this request came from the local Russian Aikido Federation of the Maritime Provinces branch. Since Shimizu Sensei’s first visit in 2002 (Heisei 14) five years went by, and in the meantime the local people in charge of the same federation, M. Lusana and S. Felix, came to Japan for three times continuously. They repeatedly trained at the Tendokan, and already from the beginning they studied step by step the idea of Tendoryu Aikido. This spring again four students came to the Dojo at the same time.

Together with evaluation of the attitude of these students Shimizu Sensei as well considered their merits during the successful organization of the second seminar in Vladivostok. And when Shimizu Sensei announced at the last day of this seminar: “I approve your status as Tendoryu students”, all at once unanimous applause and cheers from the more than 100 participants came up. Obviously every single participant was confident that from now on the Russian-Japanese friendship would deepen even more.

The Autumn Serminar

The autumn seminar took place from October 19th to 21st at the hotel ‚Kannon Onsen’ on Izu/Shimoda. Although the first day was a weekday (Friday) altogether 65 people attended, and more than ten students attended for the first time. Furthermore, from Tendoryu Germany five students and from Tendoryu Serbia two students came to Japan because of this seminar.

Training for Dan Degree Holders

Since July we carry out the training for Dan degree holders. It is scheduled to provide this training once a month (as general rule = the third lesson from 8pm to 8:45pm at the first Friday of every month). If you have a request regarding this training, please feel free to contact the trainer team. Well, those ladies and gentlemen, who have not yet achieved a black belt, please drop in for watching.

People coming from long distance, who entered after August

from August: Mr. Itou Akihiro (America), Mr. Chou Harumoto (Osaka)

from September: Ms. Tanikuchi Kayoku (Sapporo)

from October: Mr. Shinoe Omoki (Osaka)

They want to study design, and all of them besides Mr. Itou were transferred to Tokyo.

Dojo December Schedule

(Whenever there are changes of the schedule we will inform you accordingly via the mailing list and via the Black Board at the Dojo)

begin of month: Publication of grading results

16th (Su): Bonenkai party with award of licenses (starting 1pm at ‚Za Kazutami, B1’ next to Sangenjaya subway station

22nd (Sa): last training in this year (please take Dogi and Hakam home latest until this day)

23rd (Su): Big Dojo cleaning (10am-1pm)

25th (Tu)-1st of January (Su): Winter holidays

Dojo opening hours: December 29th (Sa), January 5th (Sa) from 10am-2pm

There is no regular training at those days, but the Dojo may be used freely. Please make practical use of the Dojo with your partner for the study of techniques or for having sufficient exercise during the holiday period.

Foreign Visitors at the Dojo

from Tendoryu GermanyFlorian Süss (September 8th-16th), Markus Titze (October 4th-29th), Peter Nawrot and Christian Otto (October 4th-30th), Eckehard Hemkemeier (October 16th-29th), Dieter Benders (October 18th-26th)from Tendoryu SerbiaMilan B. (from October 13th probably for one year), Dragan Sch. (October 15th- November 11th)from Tendoryu NetherlandsLudo Peters and Dennis Rimon (October 24th- November 8th)

© translated by Peter Nawrot 12/2007