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Tendokan News No. 75

Shimizu Sensei’s Foreign Seminars

December 10th – 16th: Tendoryu Singapore (for the 2nd time within 8 years)

Autumn Seminar 2008

October 24th – 26th at the hotel Kannon Onsen near Shimoda on Izu peninsula; the participation of about 80 people is planned; this autumn seminar is a pre-event for the world seminar next year (details will follow in the next issue), and we kindly ask every student one by one to participate actively.

‘Pleasure Party for Aikido Comrades’ (on August 3rd at the Dojo)

Students, who joined less than two years ago, met and spend enjoyable hours with Shimizu Sensei.

Information meeting on the legal person of a NPO and on the world seminar next year (on September 14th at the Dojo)

After the Sunday class there was a meeting for the students. After some information by members of the preparatory committee for the establishment of the NPO Shimizu Sensei once again provided some information on the NPO in his welcoming speech.

Juraku (寿楽)Meeting

(on September 28th at the Chinese restaurant next to the Dojo)

(Remark: The sign 寿  means Good Wishes and Longevity, and the sign 楽  means to enjoy something. Therefore, wedding ceremonies or meetings often will be called in that way. People hope that the participants will be able to enjoy a wonderful long life.)

Dining together with Shimizu Sensei students, who are rich of experience in human life, talked about how they were able to make profit via Aikido and how thanks to Aikido practice they narrowly averted death all through their lives.

Agenda for the Year End (schedule)

Begin of December: publication of dan and kyu graduationsDecember 21st (Sun): awarding of the licenses, Bonenkai partyDecember 23rd (Tue): big Dojo cleaningDecember 24th (Wed) – January 18th (Sun): Kangeiko (winter seminar)January 25th (Sun): Kagamibiraki ceremony(Times and further information will be provided for above mention matters as occasion calls)

Foreign Visitors to the Dojo

Tendoryu Serbia

Milan Belischkowich (August 22nd –September 28th)

Tendoryu Germany

Axel Bergemann (September 15th – 28th)

© translated by Ichiro Murata and Peter Nawrot 11/2008