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Rising and falling

by Jos Vanroy


I met Shimizu Sensei for the first time in 1987 and he made a very strong impression to me. What I liked very much was the way he taught and explained his Tendoryu Aikido. - Not always from a technical point of view but with natural motion, and explanations from Japanese culture and philosophy. This way of teaching opened me to a new dimension in Aikido and Budo. Over the past years I have had the pleasure to go to seminars taught by Shimizu Sensei. He has visited the Netherlands and Belgium to teach Tendoryu Aikido. Many students are interested in his teaching, so that the group of Tendoryu Aikidokas is growing.


Budo Training is the decision to not take the easy way. It is, as we say, rising and falling. Every time I practise Aikido with Shimizu Sensei it gives me the inspiration to go on this way. We hope, that we can learn a long time from Shimizu Sensei, because in our practice of Aikido there is much that still remains unknown.