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Considering the small average Japanese home and the high humidity of the air in the summer washing your clothes at home is neither advisable nor pleasant. This applies especially to small hotel rooms without any space for hanging up the wash.  

The next coin laundry was away about 10 minutes walking from the hotel in Tokyo, a small room (of course with beverage vending machines) with four big and four small washing machines, four driers and two shoe cleaning machines.

During the 30 minutes of washing course we look for food in a nearby super market (there is always a super market nearby), made ourselves comfortable on chairs in front of the washing ‘saloon’ and watched the rotating washing machines or the bicyclers, who rushed with breakneck speed along the narrow pavement of the steeply dropping street close to us.

After the washing course we jammed everything into one of the driers, and the second half hour started. All in all it took plenty of time, and unfortunately the thick Dogis were not really dry even after two courses in the drier. Therefore we still had to hang up the Dogis in the small hotel room, what now and then resulted in interesting discussions with the Japanese speaking Chinese female room cleaning team.

Especially during the hot season changing clothes is necessary, and the capacity of the luggage is limited naturally. Therefore a washing saloon near by is necessary for survival.