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Tendokan News No. 55

Shimizu Sensei’s Summer Seminars abroad in 2003 (accompanied by Kenta Shimizu)

June 22nd - July 6th 2003: Seminar at the Herzogenhorn in Germany.

The 120 participants, mainly dan degree holders, came from Germany, France and Slovenia.

July 7th - July 17th 2003: First seminar in Montenegro/Serbia (former Yugoslavia)

About 80 participants gathered, although there is no Tendōryu dōjō in Montenegro. Mainly local aikidōka, who have been inspired by Shimizu Sensei’s video and books, wanted to learn about Tendōryu Aikidō.

Montenegro (according to Kenta)

Montenegro is located about a 2 hours flight from the German Munich airport and is well known for her resorts along the deep blue Adria coast. Although being a resort area she has not been spoiled by buildings airily. History can be found in the townscape with its cobblestone pavements.

During daytime with its strong solar irradiation the temperature could climb up to 40 degrees Celsius, but the dry and hot climate made it quite comfortable.

You could hear music from the restaurants along the coast until late night, and there were even babble of voices, which could be overheard. My father and I were the only Asians, and there were quite a number of people turning around to us involuntarily, when they passed by. Besides, the Tendōryu aikidō seminar had been announced by the local television.

Subsequently I would like to mention, that the women were exceptionally beautiful.

Shimizu Sensei as instructor of a workshop for dancers (event from August 22nd – 24th, 2003)

The event could be realized by the invitation of Takeya Keiko (artistic manager of Dance01) of the contemporary dance company Dance01, and it took place at the studio ‚Dance01’ in Tōkyō / Suginami-ku.

This workshop is held every summer. This time the topic was ‚traditional forms of movement’, whereas the objective of the workshop was to learn the specific characteristic forms of movement in the three areas Japanese Dance (Ms. Bandō), Budō (Shimizu Sensei) and Improvisation Dance (Ms. Takeya Keiko). The about 20 participants mainly came from Western dance, and in the course ‚Aikidō’, which took place during the two days 22nd and 23rd, combination techniques of Tendōryu were presented in the demonstration with Kenta, which were built on free circular movements. Furthermore, the participants themselves applied kotegaeshi and sankyō to each other thus experiencing themselves how the techniques are composed.

At this point we would like to reproduce part of the letter of thanks which we received later:

“From the beginning I was aware, that it would be quite doubtful to learn this art, but thus we had the opportunity to contact you, who is sinewily trained and who’s warm-hearted personality is full of sympathy. I am convinced, that these three days were extremely fruitful for all the people, who work with their body all their lives. Thank you very much for your instructions, which had to take place on parquet floor and were much too short. We will bear your warm-hearted manner in best remembrance. Takeya Keiko“

After 6 years again: ` The Tendōryu Autumn Serminar’

The three days seminar from October 11th - 13th will take place at the hotel ‘Kannon Onsen’ in Izu / Shimoda. Including the members, who joined lately since the last seminar in 1997, the number of registrations has reached already 50. Besides a special training given by Shimizu Sensei we can wholeheartedly rejoice in the clearest hot spring water of the Eastern hemisphere and in the unspoilt mountain area.

The students organization committee will be arranging a joint competition, the ‘Table Tennis Onsen Competition’, for the Shimizu Sensei Cup.

Have a nice time!

Students from abroad, visiting the Tendōkan

From Tendōryu Germany came Benjamin Nitsche (23 years, 1. Dan) [...] from August 29th until October 2nd, Julian Steuber (21 years, student) from August 29th until September 1st, 2003.

© translated by Birgit Lauenstein and Peter Nawrot 11/2003