Aikido for beginners

TAB e.V. regularly offers beginners' courses for Aikido in Berlin to facilitate the start of regular training. The beginners' course takes place parallel to the regular training and is specially supervised.
- Train for 4 weeks free of charge -

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Aikido 50+

Prerequisites are the ability to walk, regular participation and fun in group exercise. The Aikido training is supported by the Bezirksamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf - Berlin and is therefore free of charge for this target group. If required, the training can be intensified at other locations in Berlin.

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Aikido (合気道)

is a Japanese martial art, a way (道) to harmonize (合) the body with mental power (気).

Aikido as self-defence means an attack is continued in circular and spiral movements that bring the opponent out of balance. The energy of the attacker is not blocked but absorbed and returned to him. The highest goal is to recognize an attack already in the intention and thus make it ineffective. Not physical strength is the decisive factor but mental strength.

The continuous training develops not only the body but also the mind. Practicing the Aikido techniques promotes health and body control and also has an influence on the inner and outer posture in everyday life. Aikido supports holistic thinking. The aikido-ka learns, for example, to divert negative influences and use them positively for himself.

Aikido is also regarded as meditation in motion and can be practiced by women and men of all ages. It can be started at any time, beginners are taught the techniques step by step.